Opoziția societății civile fațã de fracturarea hidraulicã. Cazul Pungești – între evaluările experților, pluralitatea de viziuni cetățenești și proceduralism epistemic

Silviu-George Colonescu

 In this study I will discuss the disobedience wave echoed in the civil society debates provoked by the researching and shale gas exploitation activities connected to hydraulic fracking in Pungești, Romania. I will trace the collective decision making methods following the debates from the deliberative public arena. My aim is to analyse this event using the epistemic proceduralism approach proposed by David Estlund as a middle ground theoretical model which blends pure democratic proceduralism, on the one hand, with epistemic considerations, on the other hand. The methodology will consist in extracting a theoretical model, operationalizing the concepts, and proposing an explanation for the debates and protests from Pungești, namely a sign of collective opposition against shale gas exploitation. In addition, through the proposed model, I will try to present the civic engagement of experts and NGOs as civic, judicial and informational support and as a solidarity token towards the Pungesti locals.