Participarea la vot, în România – tendințe diferite, în funcție de tipul de scrutin. O analiză a noilor tendințe de participare, după alegerile prezidențiale din 2014

Dan Sultănescu

 The decline in voting participation is not new information: the absolute numbers are decreasing. However, the presence at presidential elections in 2014 leads us to a more careful reflection on the real trends on voting in contemporary Romania. And this is why I wanted to publish these conclusions. The only generalization we can make is that, after 2007, we are witnessing a return to greater values in electoral participation for all types of elections. And this balances the impression of a steady decline in participation, retained both the literature and the common sense. Also, we find that what seemed a general trend of decreasing participation is not, in reality, quite so categorical. The general decreasing trend in electoral participation in Romania is actually a too general label that does not capture the nuances of electoral participation in Romania. There are at least three important trends, opposite, manifesting the same time, and that should be considered when it comes to voting participation nowadays in Romania.