Terorismul religios, o „nouă violenţă arhaică”?

Andreea Mihail

The concept of security evolved and diversifi ed in accordance with the mutations suff ered by the international environment in order to respond to an imperative necessity to adapt to new risks and threats. The classic realist vision on security is no longer suffi cient to explain the new terrorism phenomenon, here conceptualized through the analysis of the „new archaic violence”, and therefore no longer capable to offer solutions. Becoming able to understand what pushes the individuals to commit terrorist acts must be a priority for all the entities engaged in fi ghting this plague. The postructuralist authors strive to discover an alternative path and explain what escaped the realist understanding which rejects any possible rationality of the religious way of thinking. The study of the „new archaic violence” creates the necessary premises for a new and better adapted security strategy.

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