Instructions for authors

 Manuscript Submission and Ethical Guidelines:

 1. In accordance with general practice, Perspectives in Politics will only consider manuscripts that are not currently under review with another Journal.

2. All contributions and correspondence should be emailed to Perspectives in Politics is published twice a year, in May and November (corresponding deadlines are 30 February and, respectively, 30 October)
Political science books to be reviewed should be sent to our Review Editor, at the following address: 6-8, Povernei St, Bucharest, Faculty of Political Science, National School of Political and Administrative Studies.
3. The maximum length of manuscripts should be 6000-8000 words, including notes and references. Longer articles will only be considered by exception.
Text and references are to be double-spaced with one-inch margins and 14-point font. Tables and figures should appear on separate pages and use black and white (or grey) colours only. Article must include a structured abstract (maximum 250 words), a biographical statement for each author (maximum 100 words) and up to seven keywords, in alphabetical order, separated by semicolons. Biographical notes should give current affiliation, research interests and recent publications. Abstract and keywords are to be written in English. The articles should also have an English translation of the title.
For citing and referencing please use the Chicago system for endnotes. The reference list is to be alphabetically ordered.
4. The policy of the Perspectives in Politics is that submitted articles will be reviewed firstly by the editors, and secondly by anonymous referees, if appropriate. The review period averages 30 days. The editors of Perspectives in Politics uphold and adhere to the principles of “Ethics in the Publication Process” of Professional Ethics in Political Science (APSA, 2008, revised edition). Authors are required not to submit contributions for consecutive issues. 
5. Contributors will receive three copies of the journal after the publication and up to ten copies for multi-authored papers.

For any other information please contact the Journal at