O perspective asupra deciziei colective in cadrul obstilor devalmase din Vrancea


  • Daria Macovei
  • Dan Nicu
  • Robert Sabotici


in this paper we investigate the features of the unanimous decision as a form of social aggregation in the traditional Romanian society, and, especially, in the rural communities of the Vrancea region. The main objectives of this research are: to present the unanimous decisions from a rigorous theoretical approach. To describe the historical, social and economic conditions of the traditional Vrancea communities, on basis of some of the main researches in the Romanian sociology, and to discover the degree to which the unanimous voting is present and used in the communities, in the conditions of common property. In the first part of the paper, we offer a theoretic perspective on the unanimous choice, in the second part of the study, we present the main characteristics of the traditional Romanian society, starting with the basis of tradition as one of its fundamental institutions. We then advance conclusions regarding the nature of the collective decisions in the traditional Vrancea communities, using the above-mentioned facts.