Contested Legitimacy


  • Jana RESCHOVÁ University of Economics, Prague


There is a growing demand to change the institutions and constitutional design as response
to the impact of the electorate or other recently emerging movements supported mostly from various
street protest actions or citizens rallies. Despite of how it may be difficult to bring about any general typology of diverse motivations, forms of manifestation and outcomes they lead to, I am inclined to believe, that their objective is to challenge the institutions. The institutions are thought to fail because they
cannot fully deliver legitimacy. In other words, public pronouncement of discontent over policies is easily transferred to the common disapproval of the established institutions. And the institutions that are becoming an easy target of all the malaises, even though they had been established through free and fair
elections, are becoming handy victims as a result of peace-building negotiations.

Author Biography

Jana RESCHOVÁ, University of Economics, Prague

Ass. Prof.