Contributia doctrinei Bisericii in elaborarea regulilor elective, mecanisme decizionale si regula majoritatii


  • Andrea Menna National University of Political Studies and Public Administration


The current study meangles in a more exhaustive attempt to deliniate a general theory to the rule of majority. In the endevour of deliniating a genealogy of majority, the most adapted strategy would be to define when and how a simple numerical rule will become a principle and then turn into a doctrine. So, the historical analysis of some decisional processes in different eras is essential for such a purpose. Throughout the most relevant experience it is essential to take into consideration the studying of the decisional process in the elaboration of elective principle in the Church. In this sense, the objective of such work is the reconstruction of the Church doctrinal contribute to the evolution of majority principle. For this purpose, it will be under thorrow analysis the decisional and electing process in the inside of religious christian institutions and the relative contributes of canonist doctrine.