The Sino-American Competition on the 5G Technological Field


  • Mihai OLTEANU Independent researcher


The impact of technological findings has invariably been one of the factors which have been investigated by different authors focused on the study of international relations. The greatest technological breakthroughs definitely changed the life of billions of people and, along with them, the functionality of one of the most relevant actors in the field, the states. Technology changed the tactics used by an emperor to carry a war, allowed the explorers to conquer unsullied lands and promised to send the manto the outer space.
The 21st century stands as no exception to this rule, as technology proves itself to be more powerful than even and vital for the ordinarily activities. One of the greatest technological landmarks which have been yet achieved in the first decades of the 21st century is the 5G technology, tied to its promises of totally
changing the global connectivity. As expected for such a milestone, it was forcefully bonded to the competition between the financial commercial giants and the interest of the greatest global economic powers: United States and China.