Analiza comparativa a schimbarilor din comunitatile de intelligence din Statele Unite ale Americii si România post-razboi rece – perspectiva izomorfismului mimetic


  • Ionut Octavian ROSCA NUPSPA


Each state is responsible for the security of its citizens. The way in which it understands to build this desiderate differs from state to state. A common element between these forms of human organization, as can be seen if we analyze the state structures, is represented by the existence of specialized institutions (e.g. intelligence agencies) in filling in the security needs of these states. The following paper tries to see how the security needs and the constant change in the international environment shaped the Romanian intelligence community by using specific methods and elements used by the USA’s intelligence community. In order to achieve this objective the theoretical framework used will be the neoinstitutionalism, specifically the sociological institutionalism through its mimetic isomorphism.

Author Biography

Ionut Octavian ROSCA, NUPSPA

MA in International Relations