The Evolution of Serbian Foreign Policy under Vucic: Navigating between the European Union and Russia


  • Srdan JOVANOVIC Department of World History, Nankai University, College of History, Associate Professor, Tianjin, China


This comprehensive analysis delves into the evolution of Serbian foreign policy under the leadership of Aleksandar Vucic, elucidating the nation’s endeavours to navigate the complex interplay of interests and alignments that define its relationships with both the European Union and Russia. The study examines the historical context, Vucic’s rise to power, Serbia’s interactions with the EU and Russia, and the challenges and opportunities associated with the nation’s balancing act. It highlights the pragmatic, adaptive, and strategically autonomous approach to international relations that has characterized Vucic’s foreign policy legacy, while also considering potential trajectories for Serbia’s foreign policy in the post-Vucic era. In conclusion, the study offers recommendations for future research on Serbian foreign policy and international relations, emphasizing the need to explore the various factors that may influence the nation’s future alignment with the EU or Russia, as well as the domestic political dynamics, regional geopolitics, economic imperatives, and security concerns that may impinge upon Serbia’s strategic calculus.