New Tribalism in Europe


  • Jakub Potulski Department of Political Sciences, University of Gdansk
  • Arkadiusz Modrzejewski Department of Political Sciences, University of Gdansk


Our paper is dedicated to tendencies of tribalism which appear in contemporary Europe. We can see them also in post-communist societies, e.g. in Poland, Czech Republic and Lithuania. Postmodernity is similar to the traditional order characterized by an ethnic mosaic and so-called fragmentarized identity. These tendencies are located in opposition to the project of homogeneous modern state nation. They are a real challenge for nation states. The question concerning relation between tribalism and European integration processes is still open. We can see positive aspects of tribalization for the realization of the idea of united Europe. It weakens the power of nation state which supports the process of building supranational structures. However, the situation is more complicated. New ethnic nations can ultimately be guided by ethnical selfish. In this time they disintegrate nation states but in the future their disintegration activity could be directed at the European Union.