Moral Voice ? Towards Freedom or Constraint?


  • Aila Veli National University of Political Studies and Public Administration


In this paper I will give a series of pro and against arguments concerning Amitai Etzioni?s statement made in his famous work "The Monochrome Society" which says that the moral voice is much more compatible with freedom of choice rather than with coercion1. Throughout the debate I will analyze the moral voice envisaged by Etzioni in a larger context and I will try to find an answer to the following question: Is the moral voice different from the constraint as we know it (through sanctions, penalties and so on)?
The paper is structured in three parts. First part contains a theoretical approach concerning the communitarian thesis and how can we define the moral voice, the second part introduces the main arguments concerning the hypothesis whilst the third part shall conclude with my understanding of the use of the moral voice in a real world.